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If you’ve paid any attention to
Edgemont Wrestling, you know that
Edgemont Wrestling isn’t really about wrestling.

Edgemont Wrestling is a family - past, present and future - that ties us all together.

Edgemont Wrestling is a community of caring parents, wrestlers, coaches, alumni, fans and friends and you’re a part of that.

And it’s an exciting time to be involved!

Edgemont Wrestling is arguably one of Edgemont’s most successful athletic programs and one of the strongest wrestling programs in New York. But, much more than that, you and I and the rest of our community realize that Edgemont Wrestling is about developing men and women of character.

Our program’s mantra, “Building Champions on the mat and in life,” frames everything we do. As you know, the winning is just a by-product of the process. And the process uses wrestling as a vehicle to build confidence, accountability, work ethic, resilience and grit. The process teaches our wrestlers how to put the success of the group ahead of their own and how to fight for something bigger than any one of us.

We strive to make Edgemont wrestling one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in our wrestlers’ lives, so when they graduate and move on, whatever life throws at them seems that much easier to conquer, knowing they’re capable of so much more than they once thought possible.

Look at the current or former Edgemont wrestlers in your life.

It’s plain to see what they’ve gained from the program, helping them become better men and women and better members of society.

The results speak for themselves:

  • ​In the past several years, we’ve had six League Championship teams, two New York State Champions, six Section 1 Wrestler of the Year Honorees, 11 All-State Wrestlers, 22 Individual Section Champions, 50 All-Section Wrestlers and dozens of All-League athletes.
  • Our wrestlers have gone on to attend top colleges and universities around the country over the past few years, such as Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Columbia, MIT, Bucknell, NYU, University of Chicago and many others.
  • Our alumni have positive impacts in many industries and all walks of life: medicine, law, education, finance, entrepreneurship and public service, just to name a few.

It Takes A Village

It’s fitting that the same family orientation, teamwork and commitment to shared sacrifice that we develop in our student-athletes is the very thing that keeps our program moving.

To make our program as impactful and successful as it is takes a lot of help!

And there are so many people that play a huge role in that:

  •   Coach Mike Mitchell and his staff at the youth level
  •   Coaches Jedd Chesterson and Rob Breitenbach coaching our modified team
  •   Head Coach Pete Jacobson, Head Assistant Coach Bill Magner, Assistant Coach Brett Pastore and our six other volunteer coaches that work with our high school athletes.

These men give so unselfishly of their time, all because they know what the sport gave them and they're passionate about our mission of paying it forward others.

But it doesn’t stop there: our alumni and their parents, our parents of current wrestlers, our fans and supporters: you’re absolutely and undoubtedly the x-factor that has transformed a team into a community and a sport into a transformational experience.

We literally couldn’t do it without all your support.

No Stone Left Unturned

The other game-changer for our program is our all-encompassing philosophy. 

We all take pride in being a part of the single-most comprehensive program in Edgemont or in New York State for developing successful student-athletes and even better people.

Our coaches and our program strive to develop the athlete and the whole person and relentlessly attack that mission from every angle, utilizing every opportunity available.

None of these initiatives would be available to our wrestlers without the generous support of our donors:

  • strength and conditioning program utilizing new equipment and training methods
  • performance nutrition and diet analysis
  • mental skills training and mental toughness development
  • the apparel our athlete's need to perform at a top level
  • training and professional development for our coaching staff
  • video equipment and comprehensive video review
  • team community service projects
  • team building and leadership development initiatives
  • weekly PantherTough team meetings focused on the development of our core values
  • academic support
  • help with the college and recruiting process
  • travel to some of the toughest tournaments in the northeast

The scope of support we provide to build our student-athletes into Champions on the mat and in life is unprecedented.

And so is the support we need from our wrestling family to keep fulfilling our mission.

Edgemont Wrestling Club Inc.

Edgemont Wrestling Club Inc. is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 corporation whose sole purpose is to raise money to support the Edgemont Wrestling Program.

Each year Edgemont Wrestling Club, Inc. helps cover costs of these many initiatives that our school budget does not - all through the generous support of our wrestling family - parents, alumni, fans and supporters!

This year is no different - we need your to help make a difference!

And we’ll do it the same way we always do - together.

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